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Thread: Yoshimura Arctic Cat Wildcat Roost Guard Kit

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    Yoshimura Arctic Cat Wildcat Roost Guard Kit

    DISCLAIMER: Roost Guards shown on vehicle images are for display purposes only. Roost Guards come with black anodized finish as shown in product only image.

    These Roost Guards protect vital components under the front cowling, especially the Oil Cooler and Brake Master Cylinder. We discovered a lot of dirt and debris gets kicked up into these areas while turning. Protecting these components and maintaining oil temperatures is important in all aspects of driving. Roost Guards deflect debris, protecting your Oil Cooler and Brake System from serious damage.

    Roost Guard Kit uses existing mounts and hardware, where the front fenders bolt to the frame. Simply remove two bolts, slide the Roost Guard in between the frame and fender, and reinstall hardware. We supply cable ties for securing the lower portion of the Roost Guard to the frame. This eliminates unnecessary weight from extra brackets and keeps the Guards from vibrating.

    Yoshimura Arctic Cat Wildcat Roost Guard Kit

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