Quick Specs:
Travel – 11”
Width - +3” per side
Wheelbase – 2” forward / 0” back
Arm Type – Boxed Steel
Axles – Summers Brothers or Gorilla Axles
Shocks – Stock, Elka, King

This kit moves the track width out 3” per side and extends the wheel base forward 2” in the front while leaving the rear the same. We’ve found in our extensive testing this is the best positioning for handling. This design balances the machine better and helps provide more responsive steering. The added bonus of this design is it allows for substantially larger tires to fit without modifying the body for clearance. Travel gain is small in number but substantial in the ride quality and handling.

The RN3 kit uses our exclusive heim joint design on the front A-arms which eliminates the weak factory balljoints by replacing them with massive ¾” Chromoly heim joints. Our design offers better travel than ball joints and substantial strength gains. This design is also in place to allow for camber adjustments to be made which has proven to make substantial differences in handling in the way the understeer/oversteer can be compensated.

This kit is designed to bolt onto the machine with no major modifications. The factory bushings may be reused or upgraded to our high wear composite Delrin bushings we use on all of our race vehicles for better wear characteristics and tighter suspension motion. The kit comes as priced with powdercoated arms, all necessary hardware and instructions and your choice of replacement axle shafts from 4340 material by Summers Brothers Racing or Full axle replacements by Gorilla Axle.

This kit allows the use of your stock shocks with the replacement springs provided in the kit. In extensive testing we have found a perfect spring rate which will work perfectly for most drivers out there. For the drivers who drive much harder and faster than most we also offer pre-tuned King and Elka shocks as well.

In addition to all the other elements this kit brings to the table we also provide with it our proprietary designed HD Tie Rod replacements with this kit. These tie rods completely replace the factory components from the rack bar to the spindle. We have been using this design in all the other UTV’s we build products for now for over 4 years with zero failures.

With everything included with this kit and all the development put into it, there is nothing better for your Ranger XP for the money. You will truly feel like you are in a different machine after this kit is installed. The reliability in increased substantially for your suspension and drivetrain at the same time the handling and quality of ride is improved more than you may guess. All this is provided while still making the most minimal change to the vehicles track width which still allows you to ride your favorite trails.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment from time of order. Custom colors, skid plates, guards and other upgrades are available by request. Please call or email for additional information.